Ultravex® Composite Fiberglass Composite Crossarm

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The Engineering Behind Ultravex® – Engineered from the Inside Out.

Instead of the traditional method of selecting an industry standard size and determining capabilities, we looked for the most efficient shape and section for providing a unique solution to this industry’s needs. The unique design and shape of Ultravex® composites (slightly domed on all four sides, with a circular inner core) creates a product with superior strength and BIL ratings not seen in the market today. The domed sides allow water to drain readily to reduce tracking issues and minimize other contaminant build-up.

Designed Right from the Core

The unique design and shape of Ultravex® fiberglass composites create a product with superior strength and BIL ratings for tangent and dead-end applications not seen in the market today. 

UV Resistant Surfacing Veil

Our veil covers the outer surface of each Ultravex® arm for the advanced UV and weathering protection needed to provide long life to this product.

UV Resistant Matting

A double mat protection of unidirectional e-glass adds strength to each section.

Composite UV Stabilized Isophthalic Polyester Resin

Our resins include additional UV protection and a minimum 65% total glass content in accordance with ASTM D2584 standard.

Closed Cell Foam Core

All Ultravex® crossarms are completely filled with a closed cell foam core rated to 2# density. This ensures no water ingress which further aids to eliminate tracking inside of the section.

Domed Surfaces

All four faces of the Ultravex® shape allow it to shed water and other contaminants. Corner radii meet all tolerances in accordance with ASTM D3917 standard for thermoset glass-reinforced pultruded shapes.

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