Ultravex® Crossarm

Fiberglass Composite Products

Introducing our finest crossarm – patent 9546498 Ultravex® Composites. These crossarms are designed like no other fiberglass composite arm on the market today. Being slightly domed on all four sides, along with a circular inner core, our product has superior strength and allows water and debris to drain readily which reduces tracking issues and minimizes other contaminant build up. Our composite crossarms are available in tangent and deadend with color options of gray and brown. Also available as Transmission Timbers.  Check out our Technical Data page for test results. We are here to provide you with the products to best fit your needs.

The Engineering Behind Ultravex® – Engineered from the Inside – Out.

Instead of the traditional method of selecting an industry standard size and determining capabilities, we looked for the most efficient shape and section for providing a unique solution to this industry’s needs. The result is a product that can be adapted to various situations and loadings, all while utilizing the same basic shape. This enables you to focus on reducing inventories of both arms and hardware components needed for their application. With this approach, you can potentially increase the overall quality and strength of your system while reducing total cost of ownership.

Designed Right from the Core

The unique design and shape of Ultravex® fiberglass composites creates a product with superior strengthand BIL ratings for Tangent and Dead-end applications not seen in the market today.

UV Resistant Surfacing Veil

Our veil covers the outer surface of each Ultravex® arm for the advanced UV and weathering protection needed to provide long life to this product.

UV Resistant Matting

A double mat protection of Unidirectional E-glass adds strength to each section.

Composite UV Stabilized Isophthalic Polyester Resin

Our resins include additional UV protection and a minimum 65% total glass content in accordance with ASTM D2584 standard.

Closed Cell Foam Core

All Ultravex® crossarms are completely filled with a closed cell foam core rated to 2# density. This insures no water ingress which further aids to eliminate tracking inside of the section.

Domed Surfaces

All four faces of the Ultravex® shape allows it to shed water and other contaminants. Corner Radii meet all tolerances in accordance with ASTM D3917 standard for Thermoset Glass-Reinforced Pultruded Shapes.

Latest News

New Announcement from DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions

DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions acquired the inventory assets of Pennington Crossarms. Pennington chose DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions due to its excellent reputation for Quality, Customer Service and the Capacity to lead a seamless transition for our customers. Click below and contact us for more information.

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