Distribution Crossarms

We manufacture and treat a complete line of Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine distribution crossarms to meet the latest industry specifications. This can be one of your own standards, or one of the recognized standards such as ANSI, Edison Electric Institute or USDA-RUS. Our in- house treatment is Pentachlorophenol, but we can also provide any of the approved AWPA Standards.

DIS-TRAN has been providing wood distribution crossarms to utilites for over 50 years. In 2010, DIS-TRAN introduced the DURA-ARM. This crossarm includes factory installed galvanized steel end plates that improve the strength of the arm for longitudinal and transverse loading. These plates also eliminate end splits that may develop as the crossarm ages. The end plates can be used for all crossarm applications. As a result, the DURA-ARM can provide a longer life expectancy with long-term cost savings for you. 


In addition to wood distrubution crossarms, DIS-TRAN also provides Douglas fir eight foot and ten foot ground wire molding. This molding is attached to a pole and helps protect and cover surface mounted cable and wire.