Why the Ultravex™ Composite Fiberglass Crossarm is Preferred by Industry Leaders

You have customers who depend on the utilities and power lines you provide, and you need to be able to guarantee that their energy service is reliable in all conditions. That’s why the Ultravex™ composite fiberglass crossarm is preferred by industry leaders who can’t afford to trust their lines and conductors to just any old crossarm technology, but technology that is engineered by DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions to lead the industry.

Strength that is measurably better

When we say that the Ultravex™ composite fiberglass crossarm demonstrates superior strength, it’s not just hot air. It’s backed by data gathered during third-party LEL testing. Even a failed Ultravex™ composite crossarm has the strength to be reloaded while still maintaining a residual load carrying capability ranging from 2,000 pounds to as many as 4,000 pounds–bearing significantly more than a common 8 foot wood crossarm.

At DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions we didn’t just design the Ultravex™ crossarm to be stronger than the rest just for the sake of it. We created its composite fiberglass form with impressive strength to support your conductors after the most extreme circumstances like severe storm damage or a car crash.

Engineered to be longer lasting than the competition

Like any industry-leading technology, the durability and effectiveness of the Ultravex™ composite fiberglass crossarm starts with the engineering that went into its design. In fact, DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions guarantees a 10 year warranty, much longer than the standard 2 year warranties you’ll find for other fiberglass composite crossarms on the market. But how is it engineered to last so long?

For starters, a slight dome design on all four sides of Ultravex™ surrounds a circular inner core for additional strength but also for easy water and debris shedding, which reduces the build-up of contaminants and minimizes tracking. Additionally, three layers of UV protection shield the Ultravex™ crossarm from the punishing sun while the fiberglass surface provides protection from woodpeckers and insects as well as resistance to fire. See, when it comes to the balance of engineering and design to create the most durable composite fiberglass crossarm, the Ultravex™ crossarm by DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions beats the competition.

Repairs and replacements are quicker and more efficient

Composite fiberglass crossarms are the latest technological developments in crossarm engineering, but there’s nothing complicated about maintaining a system that’s supported by the Ultravex™ composite fiberglass crossarm. Ultravex™ makes for quicker, more efficient maintenance and, when compared to other crossarms, the versatility of Ultravex™ makes all the difference.

As if the ability to hold impressive loads was not enough, DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions took it a step further than others on the market. Ultravex™ was engineered with patented technology to be used for both tangent and dead-end applications, meaning there are fewer errors in installation, reduced inventories and a quicker, improved ability to respond to severe storm damage or accidents.

Manufactured for industry-leaders by industry-leaders

When you trust your power lines and utility infrastructures to a composite fiberglass crossarm, make sure that it’s a crossarm that is strong, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Make sure to trust your utility systems to the Ultravex™ composite fiberglass crossarm by DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions.


For more information about the Ultravex™ Crossarm and how DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions can support your utility needs, fill out the form on our contact page.

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