What Third-Party Test Results of Perching Revealed About DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions

In response to the growing awareness of electrocution-related deaths in populations of birds of prey and other migratory birds, DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions conducted a third-party test to determine how products like the Ultravex® crossarm can improve conditions for birds who are drawn to power lines for perching.

The third-party study, which tested birds’ inclination to perch on different types of crossarms, showed that birds of prey or, raptors, were twice as likely to perch on crossarms made of wood than the composite fiberglass Ultravex® crossarm.

What It Means for Raptors

For birds of prey like eagles and other migratory species of birds, the results of the test confirm that DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions’ innovative design of the Ultravex® composite crossarm mitigates the risk of bird electrocution when perching on the arm.

The more that utility companies incorporate composite fiberglass crossarm components like the Ultravex® crossarm, the greater the impact companies can have in protecting bird species from electrocution.

What It Means for Utilities

While it comes as no surprise that utilities have had a history of problems with bird deaths related to perching on power lines, a variety of new methods are steadily being deployed on a national level to deter perching.

One such method is the design and implementation of equipment that is less likely to attract birds to perch.

The results indicate that Ultravex® composite crossarms can significantly reduce avian issues with utility structures. This should serve as a sign to utility companies that DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions continues to innovate the design of its products.

Ultravex®–A Solution for Utilities and Bird Electrocution

DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions is on the forefront of the issue of bird electrocution, and it’s one of the many reasons why the Ultravex® crossarm is unique among competitors.

Ultravex® crossarms were developed using advanced engineering to redefine composite crossarm solutions down to the core.

The patented design of the Ultravex® creates a dome shape on all four faces of the arm while ensuring exceptional strength and durability. Manufactured to be adaptable, our crossarm can be used in both tangent and dead-end applications.

But taking it a step further, the Ultravex® crossarms have a small profile with less surface area than competitor crossarms; making it better for installation and maintenance as well as less attractive to birds of prey in search of places to perch.


For more information about the third-party testing results of the Ultravex® Crossarm and the environmental safety of DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions’ crossarm and utility products, fill out the form on our contact page.

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