The Essential Guide to Crossarms: What Are They? Why Are They Important?

In utility work, there is no greater demand than crossarm equipment that is reliable and resilient through all weather conditions and efficient for teams performing repairs, replacements or installations. You have expectations for your equipment, and customers who have expectations of your ability to meet their needs. When it comes to choosing crossarms to use in your power infrastructure, it’s important to know the essentials.

What are crossarms?

For starters, a crossarm is an engineered piece of wood or composite equipment that is mounted on a utility pole in order to hold up power lines or other electrical equipment. A reliable crossarm is an important component for both tangent and deadend applications. They are used for anchoring and supporting conductor along transmission and distribution lines. In order to meet the needs of your transmission or distribution infrastructure, you should choose a crossarm that’s strong, durable and engineered for robust performance.

Whether you’re working on a new installation or you need to replace aging utility equipment, you need crossarms that are reliable on a daily basis and strong enough when weather conditions take a turn for the worst. That’s why DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions’ tangent crossarms and deadend structures are designed to be installed with ease, on utility poles made of any material–concrete, aluminum, wood, steel or composite material.

Who needs them?

From telephone companies, cable companies, railroads and refineries to municipal, rural and electrical utilities companies, crossarms are a vital part of each infrastructure. As the demand for wider electrical coverage continues to rise, so does the demand for more efficient installation and stronger, more reliable equipment. Everyday, these companies depend on the important function of crossarm products. But the importance of solid crossarm products isn’t limited to just utilities. It’s important to the customers of those companies who can’t afford for their power to be down long.

While DIS-TRAN manufactures industry-leading traditional wood crossarms, we introduced a groundbreaking crossarm that is unlike any other product on the market: the Ultravex™ composite crossarm. Storms and accidents can be unpredictable, but an Ultravex™ crossarm gives you confidence that the conductor will not drop–making it better for support and safety. In fact, during testing, a failed Ultravex™ composite crossarm is so strong that it can be reloaded and still have a residual load carrying capability in the 2,000-4,000 lb. range, which is more than what a common eight foot wood crossarm can bear.

Why are crossarms important?

Utility companies and companies that depend on reliable utility infrastructures to conduct business are always in need of power equipment that can improve system resiliency and maximize uptime through the worst storms, freezes and droughts. The strongest, most robust grids trust their lines and structures to tangent crossarms and composite deadend assemblies engineered by industry leaders like DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions.

After a bad storm or vehicle collision hits overhead lines, you can’t afford to risk the lengthy and often dangerous outage. That’s why the Ultravex™ crossarm is designed for versatility and efficiency. The same arm can be used in more applications, meaning that there’s less chance of putting the wrong arm in the wrong place. This offers the added benefit of reducing inventory requirements by utilizing one crossarm that can be used for both tangent and deadend applications. The unique design of Ultravex™ allows for field modification, including drilling and screwing, which improves the response time after a storm.

DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions has long been a leader in premium overhead products, and with the addition of the Ultravex™ composite crossarm to the lineup of superior wood crossarms and transmission products, the durable crossarm comes with a 10 year warranty and is supported by undeniable utilities industry expertise.


Leaders in the power utilities industry know that when it comes to crossarm equipment, it must be able to stand up to the worst weather conditions and remain safe for all parties either installing or repairing power lines. That’s why industry leaders prefer DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions for crossarms used in their power grids. Our Ultravex™ Crossarm is unlike anything else used in the field and specifically engineered to support your utility needs.

For more information about the Ultravex™ Crossarm and how DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions can provide you with the best in utility equipment, contact us.