The Fiberglass Industry at a Glance

What is Fiberglass?

For starters, fiberglass is a common type of plastic that is reinforced by glass fiber that can be arranged in many forms such as woven fabric textures or flattened in sheets. Fiberglass is derived from pouring molten glass through superfine holes and, when arranged into matrices, fiberglass can be a thermosetting plastic like epoxy or polyester resin, or a thermoplastic. From tank and pipe designs to construction and marine surfaces, the versatility of fiberglass is great for a wide range of applications.

When it comes to designing crossarms for utility infrastructures on a national scale, solutions companies like DIS-TRAN provide fiberglass crossarm products such as the Ultravex® crossarm for added durability. The glass fibers in the Ultravex® crossarm are excellent for high electrical insulation while maintaining a low susceptibility to moisture in order to better protect the crossarm from weather damage.

Why is Fiberglass Great for Crossarms?

At DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions, fiberglass is a key component in our product design because of its versatility in building materials and ability to improve solar and thermal performance. It should come as no surprise that the Ultravex® crossarm is designed to make the most of the benefits that come from fiberglass.

Coating minimizes UV and infrared light damage
Low-e glass reflects heat and regulates temperature
Dense layers insulate temperature

With so much added durability from e-glass fiberglass throughout the design of DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions Ultravex® crossarm, it’s no wonder we offer the longest warranty of any crossarm on the market today.

How does the future of Fiberglass look in the market?

In today’s world market, composites make up the largest end-user application for fiberglass. As the application of fiberglass to composites and insulation continues to increase, the global market for fiberglass is projected to grow to $14.27 billion by 2019 according to “Global Fiberglass Market by Application (Composites, Insulations and Others), by Type (Roving and Yarns) & by Geography (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Rest of the World) - Analysis and Forecast (2014-2019).”

The major companies taking the lead in the fiberglass market include Owens Corning, Jushi Group, China Fiberglass Co., AGY Holding Corp., Saint-Gobain Vetrotex, PPG Industries Inc. and more–indicating an augmented international investment in composites from regions such as Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. As populations in these key regions continue to increase, the demand for fiberglass products stands to also multiply.


For more information about the composite fiberglass Ultravex® Crossarm and how DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions can support your utility needs, fill out the form on our contact page.

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