7 Reasons Why DIS-TRAN Ultravex™ Crossarms Beat the Competition

If you work in the utilities industry, then you know just how important it is that your equipment is strong, tested and safe. When a situation calls for a repair or maintenance crew, you need to be able to respond to the problem efficiently and effectively to serve the customers who rely on your power lines. DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions offers a crossarm product for the power utilities industry that’s bolder and more innovative than anything ever introduced before. It’s the Ultravex™ Crossarm, and the seven points below illustrate why no other crossarm product on the market comes close.

Ultravex crossarms beat the competition in fiberglass composite crossarms

1. One crossarm for both tangent and dead-end applications

Although Ultravex™ crossarms have a small outside diameter, they are engineered to hold impressively large loads not seen in the market today. The combination of cutting-edge design and patented technology allows for one 3-1/2” x 3-1/2” sized crossarm to be used for both tangent and dead-end applications. The unique design and shape of Ultravex™ fiberglass composites create a product with superior strength and BIL ratings for tangent and dead-end applications, making the crossarms more versatile than anything else offered by the competition.  

2. Reduces inventories, errors and improves storm response

After a storm hits overhead lines, it’s important to be prepared for any type of structural damage and quickly go into action. That’s why the Ultravex™ crossarm is designed for versatility and efficiency. The same arm can be used in more applications, meaning that there’s less chance of putting the wrong arm in the wrong place. This offers the added benefit of reducing inventory requirements by utilizing one crossarm that can be used for both tangent and dead-end applications. The unique design of UltravexTM allows for field modification, including drilling and screwing, which improves the response time after a storm.

3. Comprehensive 3rd party LEL test data

Unlike other crossarm products on the market, the Ultravex™ crossarm by DIS-TRAN is tested by a third party to gather technical data that truly measures the strength and success of Ultravex™ crossarms. The data doesn’t just serve for bragging rights but also to lay the groundwork for safety standards by identifying the worst possible factors. Through each stage of testing, a third party determines the lower exclusion limit by testing the strength of the loading capacity by applying continuously increasing load until the crossarm fails.

Ultravex crossarms undergo rigorous LEL testing

4. 10 year warranty

No other crossarm guarantees a 10 year warranty, making Ultravex™ the longest lasting, strongest crossarm of its class. But how does it stand up so well to the elements without the quick wear and tear of other crossarms? Well it starts with the three layers of UV protection that shield it from the punishing sun and extend its lifecycle. An outer veil protects the arm from UV rays and is abrasion resistant. A UV resistant mat situated between the outer veil and the fiberglass-resin mixture also contains UV inhibiting features. If that wasn’t enough, an inner mat surrounds the foam core and provides a third layer of protection. In addition to safeguards against the sun, the fiberglass Ultravex™ is fire resistant, insect proof and woodpecker proof, making it virtually immune to the nuisances that plague standard wood crossarms.

5. Unique design and shape

Instead of the traditional method of selecting an industry standard size and determining capabilities, we looked for the most efficient shape. The Ultravex™ crossarm is uniquely designed unlike any other crossarm product on the market. A slight domed design on all four sides of the Ultravex™ and a circular inner core not only gives the Ultravex™ additional, unmatched strength, but also allows water and debris to shed easily, reducing tracking issues and minimizing contaminant build-up. Best of all, the product’s small dimensions and creative shape make it adaptable to various situations and loadings.

6. Supports conductors even after severe damage

In the event a bad storm or vehicle collision brings down a power line, you can’t afford to risk the lengthy and often dangerous outage and neither can your customers. While storms and accidents can be unpredictable, an Ultravex™ crossarm gives you confidence that the conductor will not drop–making it better for support and safety. In fact, during testing, a failed Ultravex™ composite crossarm is so strong that it can be reloaded, and still have a residual load carrying capability in the 2,000-4,000 lb. range, which is more than what a common 8 foot wood crossarm can bear.

7. Engineered with DIS-TRAN’s more than 50 years of experience

Ultravex composite crossarms ready to ship

DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions has long been the leader in premium overhead products, and with the addition of the Ultravex™ composite crossarm to the lineup of superior wood crossarms and transmission products, the most durable crossarm ever made is supported by undeniable utilities industry expertise. Ultravex™ composite crossarms are engineered by DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions and made in the USA, so you’ll know you can expect the quality construction and consistent customer service that the utilities industry has trusted for over 50 years.


In the power utilities industry, you need to know, without second guessing, that your crossarm equipment is safe and strong enough to hold it’s own in the worst conditions. That’s why industry leaders choose the Ultravex™ Crossarm over the competition and why they continue to trust their lines with it time and again. 

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