Ultravex® - A Key Component of Your Avian Protection Program

In a recent study, raptors were twice as likely to perch on wood crossarms compared to the Ultravex® arm. Make the unique design of the Ultravex crossarm part of your avian protection program.

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Ultravex® Composite Fiberglass Crossarm

See the engineering behind our composite fiberglass crossarm. With a UV resistant surfacing veil and closed cell foam core, the Ultravex® crossarm is built right from the inside out and is RUS approved.

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Overhead Solutions to fit your every need.

For transmission assemblies and distribution assemblies, we provide products and services to fit the needs of our customers, now and into the future. Let us show you the DIS-TRAN difference.

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Ultravex® Crossarms and So Much More

With the introduction of the Ultravex composite fiberglass crossarm, DIS-TRAN Overhead Solutions cements its status as the leader in premium overhead products.

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Ultravex® Composite Fiberglass Composite Crossarm

Ultravex® Crossarms are designed like no other composite fiberglass arm on the market today. They are designed from the inside out.

Composite and Wood Crossarm Experts

We engineer and manufacture transmission and distribution crossarms for utilities across the United States and abroad. We offer excellent quality products in both wood and composite fiberglass options to ensure we have the right solution to meet your individual project needs.

Our wood products include distribution and transmission arms along with wood transmission assemblies. Complementing these wood products, our composite fiberglass product line includes dead end and tangent arms. All of our solutions include the hardware necessary for your individual application.

Featured Crossarm Product Galleries

Our overhead solutions can be deployed in a number of environments and configurations based on your project needs. Click any of the images below to zoom in on our various overhead solutions.

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Crest Industries CEO Announces:

Crest Industries receives the 2017 Raffles Gold Medal for safety achievement in the Specialty Business category.

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